St. George's Anglican Church

Worship: Sunday mornings at 9am. Location: 13236 N. 7th St., Suite #6 Phoenix, AZ 85022

St. Stephen’s Day

December 26, 2021
On the 2nd Day of Christmas we remember Stephen, the first martyr of the Church. Stephen not only followed Jesus in suffering and dying, but in forgiving his persecutors. We…

Habakkuk 3

December 12, 2021
Habakkuk chapter 3 is one of the most beautiful prayers of faith in the Bible. Habakkuk declares his faith and rejoices in God no matter what suffering and persecution he…

Habakkuk 1

November 28, 2021
If you have ever looked around at the world and wondered why there is so much suffering and violence, and asked why doesn't God do something about it?, then you…

Exodus 40

November 21, 2021
The last chapter and last sermon in Exodus. At the end of the book, there is a taste again of the Garden of Eden...and the future full restoration of all…