Gospel Communities

Our Gospel Communities meet 2-4 times monthly around these activities:

1. Communion: Scripture & Prayer

2. Community: Meals & Fellowship

3. Mission: Evangelism and Service

As essential as large-group corporate worship is for us, so are small-group settings where people can build relationships and serve one another. The groups allow us to engage God, each other and our city. We call them Gospel Communities as we try to gather people in the same general area and also look for ways to serve other in that area. Groups are open to singles, married couples, children and adults.

We have incorporated some principles from Hugh Halter and Matt Smay’s book: “The Tangible Kingdom.” In their book on missional communities, the structure that they set forth is built around the intersection of three essential elements: communion, community, and mission. The intersection point is what they call the Tangible Kingdom.

Communion represents ‘oneness’—those things that make up our communal connection and worship of God. Community represents aspects of ‘togetherness’ —those things we share as we form our lives together. And mission represents ‘otherness’—the aspects of our life together that focus on people outside our community. We believe that whenever you see a group of people who find a rhythm or balance among communion, community, and mission, you will always find the Kingdom. It will be tangible!

A picture of the intersection of these elements with the * being “The Tangible Kingdom.”


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