February 12, 2023

2/12/23 Romans 5:1-2 Peace, Grace and Hope

Passage: Romans 5:1-2
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After concluding his defense of justification by faith through the story of Abraham, Paul continues to expound upon the benefits of the Gospel that have been applied to believers through the work of Christ. In the opening verses of Chapter 5, Paul highlights three key things that have been granted to believers, namely, peace, grace, and hope. Believers have received peace with God, as they have been reconciled to Him and have been made whole. We also have been introduced to grace and now stand in it. By grace, we have been justified, and now, also by grace, we live and continue as believers. Finally, we have received hope in which we rejoice. The promises of God and the work of Christ are sure so, we can now stand in hopeful anticipation and longing for the return of Christ and the promise of eternal life.

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