Pastoral Team

St. George's is led by a Pastoral Team of ordained Elders (Presbyters). As undershepherds of Christ (1 Peter 5:1-5), these men are  are called to preach the Word and administer the Sacraments. They also pastor under the oversight of Bishop Ken Ross, Anglican Diocese of the Rocky Mountains.

The Rev. Dr. Shane Copeland,
Senior Pastor

Shane planted St. George’s in 2008 in downtown Phoenix. He met Jesus in early childhood, and felt called to the ministry in 5th Grade during the annual Missions Conference at Bethany Bible Church. After spending four years in the Marines he pursued this call in college and seminary. He began pastoral ministry in non-denominational churches. God eventually led him to the Anglican Church via some influential Anglican authors/pastors: C.S. Lewis, John Stott and J.I. Packer. He was ordained in the Anglican Church of Rwanda as a Deacon in 2007 and a Presbyter in 2008. Shane also currently teaches at Grand Canyon University as an adjunct faculty.

He has been married to Kristine since 1993 and they have two adult children: Cody and Rachel. Teaching runs in the family as Kristine is a retired elementary teacher, Cody teaches high school history and is married to Johnna, an elementary school teacher, and Rachel is also a teacher! The whole family are Arizona natives. In his free time Shane loves to read (especially history), drink good coffee, watch the Arizona Diamondbacks, and tries to get out in the wilderness as much as possible hiking, camping and hunting.

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The Rev. Scott Brewer,
Associate Pastor

Scott started serving at St. George’s in 2021. He was born in raised in Phoenix and went to Arizona State University. He was ordained through the Anglican Church of Rwanda as a Deacon in 2011 and then a Presbyter in 2012 (Congo). He is married to Kim, and they have one son, Harrison. Scott is bi-vocational and runs a martial arts business.

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The Rev. Honore Ndinda,
Assisstant Pastor

Honore was born in the Congo, lived in Burundi, and eventually settled in Rwanda. He grew up in a Christian family. In Rwanda he earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and was ordained a Deacon in 2019 in the Butare Diocese. He served as the manager of the diocese’s guest house and coffee shop, and assisted at the St. Paul Cathedral.

In February 2019, the UNHCR relocated Honore and his family to Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly after coming to Phoenix, he met Pastor Shane and they started a friendship which led to Honore serving at St. George’s. He was ordained a Presbyter by Bishop Ken Ross on November 1, 2022 at St. George's Anglican Church. He is married to Chantal, and they have 6 children.

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The Pastoral Team are assisted in their work by ordained Deacons, men and women who are called to be servant-leaders in the midst of the congregation. The have a focus on meeting the needs of the least in the church and in the world.

The Rev. Tim Seibold,

Tim started serving at St. George’s in March of 2022.  Tim is a retired instructor from Arizona Public Service Company. He was widowed from this lovely wife Marilyn in 2017. He was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He is the father of 4 children and also has 10 grandchildren. Tim was ordained in Phoenix, Arizona in November of 1997 as a permanent Deacon with a calling to pastoral care within the church. Tim’s passions are serving the Lord and is also an avid golfer who enjoys being outdoors.

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Ministry Staff

Ministry Staff are gifted people who lead in a particular area of need for the church.


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Bobby has been playing music in church since 2011 and leading worship services since 2014. He moved to Arizona shortly after to pursue a degree in theology and continue to serve through music ministry. Through this, he met his wife, Ally, and they have been leading worship together all over the valley.


Christopher Daugherty
Kaleb Smith

Parish Council

The Parish Council is a group lay leaders who work with the Senior Pastor to help oversee the church. They have a particular focus on the financial matters of the church. Each member serves a two-year term that can be repeated. The Senior Pastor is the only permanent member of the Parish Council.

Rev. Shane Copeland (Presiding Officer)
Cody Kelley (2022-23)
Sharlene Utz (2022-23)
Nicole Hunter (2023-24)
Kaleb Smith (2023-24)