Our vison is to be a family of God’s people, who through ongoing response to the Gospel in repentance and faith, are transformed by God and His love, and used by Him in His work of renewing all things: to the glory of God the Father, by the work of God the Son, and in the power of God the Holy Spirit.


What we value is reflected in the ways we live out our life together in community. We value being:

Bible Based: Affirming the Bible as God’s word written, authoritative and central to everything we do.

Confessional: Holding to The 39 Articles of the Anglican Church, a Reformed Confession, as our essential doctrine.

Liturgical: Worshiping in accordance with the the gospel-shaped principles of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, centered in the Word and Table.

Family: Viewing the church primarily as a family, in loving relationship with each other as brothers and sisters, united to the Triune God.

Outwardly Focused: Loving our neighbors, by sharing the good news of Jesus, doing good for our city, and planting new churches.

Globally Connected: Relationally and structurally connected with the Global Church through GAFCON, with a special tie to Rwanda.