A Gospel-Centered, Reformational Anglican Family on Mission for Jesus in Central Phoenix.


What we value is reflected in the ways we live out our life together in community. We value being:

Bible Based: Affirming the Bible as God’s word written, authoritative and central to everything we do.

Confessional: Holding to The 39 Articles of the Anglican Church, a Reformed Confession, as our essential doctrine.

Liturgical: Worshiping in accordance with the the gospel-shaped principles of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, centered in the Word and Table.

Family: Viewing the church primarily as a family, in loving relationship with each other as brothers and sisters, united to the Triune God.

Outwardly Focused: Loving our neighbors, by sharing the good news of Jesus, doing good for our city, and planting new churches.

Globally Connected: Relationally and structurally connected with the Global Church through GAFCON, with a special tie to Rwanda.