August 27, 2023

08/27/23 Psalm 19 God Revealed in the Heavens and the Word

Passage: Psalm 19
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In Psalm 19, we see David declare the glory of God and praise God for how He has revealed it to His creation. We see that God is eternal and sovereign as we see the creation around us. However, this general revelation is not sufficient for us to know God as the personal being He is. This is why He has given us His Word, so that we may intimately know Him and His nature. In His Word, we see how He has spoken to us and redeemed us in Christ Jesus. This stirs us to praise and obedience, as God has redeemed us and calls us to serve Him. David invites us to praise God that He makes Himself known to us and fellowships with us as a father does to his children.

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