February 11, 2024

2/11/2024 Romans 12:19-21 Love Your Enemy: Vengeance Belongs to the Lord

Passage: Romans 12:19-21
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As Chapter 12 concludes, Paul continues to exhort his listeners to love. He calls Christians to love even their enemies and to not repay evil for evil. This is in accord with the life of Christ who did not revile when reviled or repay evil for evil, and so we too ought to do the same, entrusting vengeance to the Lord. This command can only be obeyed through the work of the Spirit to soften our hearts, as we see in David in 1 Samuel 25, who was graciously prevented from taking vengeance. Christ will return and wickedness will be judged and put to an end, so let us then await that day with hope and expectation.

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