September 17, 2023

9/17/23 Romans 9:1-5 Paul’s Heart for His Fellow Israelites Who have Rejected Christ

Passage: Romans 9:1-5
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Romans chapters 9-11 are challenging in a number of ways as Paul contemplates the relationship of Israel and God now that the Messiah has come and they largely rejected Him. At the end of Romans 8 Paul praises God as he states that nothing in heaven or earth can separate those IN Christ from God's love. As he starts the next chapter, his mind quickly turns to those who are not IN Christ, especially his fellow Israelites. He goes so far as to say that he could wish the impossible, that he would be separated from Christ for their sake. The fact is that Israel had been blessed by God to prepare them to receive the Messiah when He came. Jesus did, but they did not receive Him.

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