January 1, 2023

01/01/2023 The Circumcision of Christ

Passage: Luke 2:15-21
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As the church calendar invites us to celebrate and remember the Circumcision of Jesus, Luke in his Gospel, invites us to reflect on what it means for Jesus to be baptized and named. Circumcision was the covenant sign of the Abrahamic promise of a coming Messiah through whom all nations would be blessed, and as Jesus is being circumcised and named, we see the newborn baby identified as the one who will fulfill that promise and bless all nations. His Circumcision identifies him as a child of Abraham, and his name identifies his mission, for through him, Yahweh saves. Jesus has come to redeem us from our sin and save us from the curse of the Law so that we may live to him and through him, and Luke calls us to reflect and rejoice on this reality in his account of Jesus’ Circumcision.

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