January 8, 2023

01/08/23 Romans 3:21-26: Jesus Paid it All

Passage: Romans 3:21-26
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After concluding his long exposition on the sinful condition of the human race, Paul now discusses how it is that sinful human can be made right with the holy God. He discusses the atonement that Christ achieved in his death, as he takes the punishment that our sins deserve. God is shown to be righteous and just in His forgiving of sins, as Christ makes true and effective propitiation for all who believe. Our sins are not simply ignored by God, but they are instead paid for by Christ on the cross. Because of this, God is just in His justifying of sinful humans. Paul also gives comfort and hope to believers as they struggle with continual sin. He assures them that our salvation is through Christ whom we have faith in, so that we may be confident that our salvation is secure.

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