April 9, 2023

4/09/23 Easter Sunday: Remembering the Wonderful Works of God

Passage: Psalm 111
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As we celebrated God’s work of redemption in the resurrection of Christ on Sunday, we entered into Psalm 111. In this Psalm, the Psalmist calls us to praise God for His wondrous works and to give thanks to Him. He calls us to be a people of remembrance, as Israel was. Israel was to remember God’s works of redemption for them, especially the Exodus and the Passover. The Psalmist also tells us that God works his redemption in His remembrance of His covenant promises. While we as Christians no longer celebrate the Passover, we do celebrate the Lord’s Supper which was instituted by Christ as he fulfilled the Passover. We too are called to remember the works of God. The same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who redeems the Israelites through the Exodus, has redeemed us through the death and resurrection of His own Son. Let us then turn to Him in celebration and holy fear, for that is the beginning of wisdom.

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