April 16, 2023

4/16/23 Romans 7:1-6 We Died to the Law to Obey Christ

Passage: Romans 7:1-6
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In Romans chapter 7, Paul tackles our relationship to the law. He has discussed the law before, but only to display its inability to justify someone. He now discusses what its true purpose is for those who have been justified. He uses the metaphor of marriage and the fact that when a spouse dies, the other is set free. For the Christian, they have died to the law and have thus been set free from it, as Christ is now their master, and so they are to obey him. We have been freed and united to Christ in order to bear fruit to God. The glorious truth of the Gospel is that we are called to obey from a place of acceptance. Because Christ has satisfied the requirements of the law, we do not need to merit our acceptance by our obedience, we have already been accepted in Christ, and so we are now prompted to obedience.

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