October 29, 2023

10/29/2023 Romans 10:5-13 Salvation is Near to All

Passage: Romans 10:5-13
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As Paul continues to affirm the reality that salvation is to be found in Christ alone, he notes the insufficiency of the Law to give saving righteousness. He makes clear that no man can live perfectly in accord with the Law of God, meaning that no man may be justified by the Law. However, Moses makes this very point clear within the Law, and the Old Testament is explicit that justification and righteousness could only ever be found in Christ and received through faith. While no sinful man could find righteousness in the Law, Christ the eternal Son of God took on flesh and lived a perfectly righteous life so that he may justify those who believe in him. Christ has come near in order that he may justify sinners, and this promise is for all who put their faith in him.

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