November 5, 2023

11/5/2023 Romans 10:14-21 God Sends the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

Passage: Romans 10:14-21
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As Paul continues to unfold why it is that the Jews have rejected the Gospel message of Christ, he reaffirms how it is that anyone comes to believe in the Gospel. People come to believe in Christ through the proclamation of the Word of God by preachers who are called and sent. God has ordained that the Gospel message would spread to the ends of the earth, and he accomplishes that through the work of preachers who proclaim the Word. The Jews have heard this message, but their hearts are hardened to the reality that the message would go to the ends of the earth and to the Gentiles, and so many of them have rejected the Gospel, yet God continues to make the Gentiles to know Him as their covenant God.

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