February 19, 2023

2/19/2023 Romans 5:3-5 Joy in Suffering

Passage: Romans 5:3-5
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After discussing the incredible benefits that Christ has granted to believers, Paul calls us to rejoice both in the hope that we have, as well as our sufferings. While this seems like a troubling and strange exhortation, Paul’s elaboration reveals that suffering truly is a good thing for believers. He assures us that our suffering strengthens our faith, as endurance is built, and it produces greater hope as we look to and cling to the promises of God that he has just assured us of. Suffering is an oft misunderstood thing within the church, but Paul invites us here, as well as his other epistles, to remember that it is the promise of Christ and that God has a purpose for it that is for our good and our formation, so there is great cause to rejoice in it.

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