July 23, 2023

7/23/23 Psalm 17 – A Relational Prayer of Integrity

Passage: Psalm 17
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Psalm 17 displays a beautiful example of a relational prayer of genuine integrity and faith. As those who have been united to Christ, we are hated by the world, and so, like David, we have enemies. How then shall we respond to these? David shows us that we are to pray, and his prayer shows us what the prayer of one who is covered by Christ looks like. It is a prayer that is happening in the moment, as David prays in his very time of need. It is a prayer of integrity, as David seeks to align his heart with the Will of God and seek after His righteousness first. It is a relational prayer, as David knows that God is His Defender who has called him His own. And finally, it is a prayer of faith, as David knows that whatever God’s answer is, he will be satisfied for God has heard him and will be his portion forever. We have been made the children of God, and so we are invited to pray with such confidence and faith, knowing that God hears us and cares for us.

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