March 3, 2024

3/03/2024 Romans 13:11-14 – Living in the Daytime

Passage: Romans 13:11-14
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This past Sunday, we were blessed to have Bishop Ben Fischer minister the Word to us. He preached on the end of Romans 13, where Paul takes a moment to survey what he had just explained. Paul has been talking about how Christians ought to offer themselves as living sacrifices, striving to love one another and to revere Christ in their relationships. As Chapter 13 concludes, he summarizes these thoughts, saying that we ought to be living as though the darkness has passed. That is to say, when Christ returns, darkness will pass away and we will live in the eternal kingdom of light. Therefore, as we await that day, we are to live as if it has already come, clinging to Christ who accomplishes this through us.

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