August 6, 2023

8/6/23 Psalm 95 – Responding to God’s Word in Humility

Passage: Psalm 95
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Psalm 95 has a unique place in Anglicanism as is it the only Psalm out of the 150 total that Archbishop Cranmer appointed to be said EVERY DAY of the year in Morning Prayer! He placed it right in front of the Scripture readings (Psalms, OT and NT lessons). The crux is verse 7, where the Psalmist says, "Today if you hear His voice." The "if" is not really an "if," but a certain we are about to hear God speak to us.

When we gather together in corporate worship, or in our own private devotions, God meets with us and speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. By His Spirit, through His Word, He reveals Christ and his redemptive work to us. Psalm 95 challenges us and encourages us to respond to God’s Word in humble dependence of faith. rather than with hardened hearts of unbelief like the Israelites who God rescued out of Egypt.

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